ANTHIMA pollen is the product found in the flowers of plants, which is collected by bees. It is a natural protein of high nutritional value, contains all kinds of amino acids, all minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, is rich in carbohydrates and other components that are considered necessary for the development and proper functioning of the human body.

It is an endless amount of small grains, with different colors and shapes.

The taste of pollen is sweet and delicious, but sometimes depending on the variety of plants that come it is bitter and tasteless.

Men use it as a supplement to their diet. Pollen acts biologically and deeply with beneficial results in many parts of our body. According to research, its consumption has been shown to help improve memory, reduce appetite, lose weight, stabilize blood pressure within the permissible limits, increase the rate of ethanol metabolism, and intense sexual activity.

It also helps with the treatment of prostatitis and improves the diuretic effect. Fresh pollen stored at room temperature loses its quality within a few days, refrigerated pollen loses much of its nutritional value after a few months, and pollen itself can be frozen at -15 ° C for many days. years without quality loss.


Thirty-five (35) grams of pollen per day cover our daily needs for protein, vitamins and minerals. The pollen is consumed in its natural state or we mix it with various products such as honey, yogurt, ice cream and chopped fruit. We can also dissolve it in drinks (milk, juice).